The AMULET collection is very dear to me and holds a very special place in my heart. It is one that reflects something I deeply love, that fascinates me and that is important to me. A labour of love for me, I hand carved each design out of wax and then perfected them in sterling silver to have my moulds made. Each design is of significant meaning to me.

Amulets have been around for thousands of years and have been worn for various reasons such as protection from harm, as a good luck charms or to ward off negative energies.

The EVIL EYE. One of the most familiar amulets known to many and a very popular one is the one of the Evil Eye. It is said that it wards off the negative energies conveyed through a look or a glance, often one of jealousy and of ill intent towards the wearer. This collection features a rendition of three different Evil Eye designs incorporated in earrings and necklaces and in some cases paired with stones.

The MOON. Ever since I was little, I was fascinated by the moon. Having grown up in an Italian household, my parents, like most Italians, made their own tomato sauce, wine and sausage. They also had their precious gardens with all sorts of fresh produce available all summer long. I’ll never forget how they would always check the calendar for the cycles of the moon before they planned to do any of these things. To this very day, my dad always plants his garden in the week of the new moon and for me, the MOON, is a reminder that change is constant as in nature.

The STAR/S. This one reminds me to keep my head held high, to stay positive and reminds me that even the tiniest of stars still shines bright in complete darkness.

The TRIANGLE. A symbol of balance and strength, it can also represent body, soul and spirit, it is my favourite of all shapes. In alchemy, the triangle symbolizes fire. This amulet represents (to me) emanating the fire within, your inner strength brought forth. A strength we all have and sometimes don’t really know is there until we are tested by challenges in life.

I truly hope you love this collection as much as I do.


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