I cannot express enough my love of the ocean and how connected it makes me feel to the earth. A reminder that we are a part of something so much bigger than us.

I recently went through some old photographs and fell upon a picture of me on the beautiful beach of Zakynthos, Greece. The picture, taken of me at sunset on the beach, was the very first day I arrived. Every day thereafter, I sat on that beach until sunset. I loved looking out into the distant ocean stretching out for miles, the sun’s golden flecks on the calmest blue, aqua and turquoise waters as it tucked itself away for the day. Time seemed to a standstill. I was struck even more so, by the view at Navagio (also known as Shipwreck beach) on the opposite side of this little island off of mainland Greece. The shore of this tiny remote beach with its infinite pebbles has the clearest of waters in the most exquisite shades of blue. It was absolutely breathtaking and has become my source of inspiration for this collection.

Albeit, all that remains of that trip are vague memories, it was so long ago… the ocean, however, takes center stage in my mind’s eye and remains my only one true vivid memory.

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